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Over six years experience developing successful consumer and SaaS products. Have had the fortune of leading talented cross-functional product teams pioneering purposeful products from the ground up. Experience from early-stage startup through profitable company. Currently at SweetLabs, Inc.

A few side projects I've been hacking on over the years.

Jul 2017 - VBoard

How do you type in VR? You transport your keyboard and hands there. The VBoard was a quick exploration into seeing what it would take to bring the traditional keyboard into VR using a custom 3D printed mount, a Leap Motion and Vive Tracker all mounted on the physical keyboard and recreating an exact replica 3D model of the keyboard.

Mar 2017 - Epic

Epics are a bit like Snapchat and Instagram stories except they're permanent and you can have multiple. Epic was an iOS app I built over three months on top of Parse.

Jun 2015 - Poof

Upload a file. Share its link. Once accessed, it's gone.

Aug 2014 - BlindWrite

BlindWrite has a few hundred daily active users. It's a writing tool to help jumpstart writing by blurring what you type as you write so you can get your ideas out without self-editing them.

2014 - Wishy

Pitch deck for Wishy, a crowdfunded universal wish list that can be used as a gift card.

2013 - Reality Makers

A YouTube series where I interview inspiring startup founders making their big ideas a reality. Featured guests include Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt and Joel Gascoigne of Buffer.

Apr 2011 - TouchSee

Video chronicling my first prototype of a vibrotactile feedback sensing system I call Touchsee. Touchsee utilizes Micrsoft's Kinect, an Arduino, and Daniel Shiffman's Kinect library for Processing. The aim of a VFSS is to enhance an agent's perception of body schema in tool use where the agent's own senses are occluded by use of the tool itself.